Personalized Nutrition Counseling
with Amy Hall, CN


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What is metabolic testing? Each client/patient will start by having his or her metabolism and body composition checked using a bioimpedence machine which gives readings not only resting metabolic rate, but also your body’s metabolic age, muscle mass, total body water, fat mass, total fat free mass as well as the rate your metabolism is actually moving. Many times metabolism due to dieting, eating disorders or medical issues can be the cause of many struggles with food, weight and even emotional/chemical imbalances in your entire body. 

From the metabolic testing , we will be able to figure out your personal nutrition needs to meet your specific goals and restore health, balance and energy. For those with eating disorders, this may mean you not knowing or worrying about the numbers at all and leaving that to your treatment team so you can focus on recovery, not calories and weight. Each person’s body is unique, therefore, no one’s nutrition plan could ever be the same. This is not a “diet program”, rather it is an individualized approach to nutrition and metabolic repair so you can achieve and maintain a healthy set point weight while enjoying  balanced eating at home and when dining out. For those with medical issues, will also have a print-out of your body composition that is helpful for use in working with your physician and other healthcare providers. The current standard BMI as an indicator of health and appropriate weight for height is an outdated, inaccurate measure of health for most people.

If you are tired of fad and yo-yo dieting, not seeing results from your current healthy eating or exercise program, are in need of metabolic repair; or in search of freedom from disordered eating and over-focusing on food and weight, you are in the right place. Read more about my services on the above links. Note: different processes are used for children coming in with medical issues and/or those with food allergies.

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Amy Hall, CN works with both adults and children with all types of nutritional needs. Nutrition services include metabolic testing, education and personalized meal planning. This includes weight management issues, eating disorders, diabetes, heart health, sports nutrition, childhood eating and mood issues, food allergies and other conditions that can be helped with nutrition counseling.